Culture Change

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Culture Change offers a range of Six Sigma solutions from Yellow Belt (basic awareness) to Green Belt (Six Sigma practioneer) to Master Black Belt (manage and deliver a company-wide Six Sigma programme)


A common but confused question asked by many businesses

Shall we implement Lean or Six Sigma?


Lean is the growth of profit through the elimination of waste.

Six Sigma is a structured data driven approach to reducing variation. If applied correctly it will eliminate waste and grow profit.

Hence, Six Sigma is a Lean methodology. If right for your business, it should be implemented as part of your programme for achieving a Lean culture.





“The majority of business improvement initiatives fail because people issues are not dealt with”


“Business improvement activities provide a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to develop culture. To purely focus on Process is a huge mistake.”


“Culture is said to manifest itself when nobody is looking”


"To establish and sustain a new behaviour, the subject must behave differently for 30 consecutive days. If this discipline is broken before the end of the 30 day period, the whole exercise needs to start again from day 1 of 30 to ensure behavioural change is effective."