Culture Change

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Naive application of Lean will destroy Culture and weaken performance


Three key elements are required to achieve a Lean Culture



The business world is surrounded by numerous Lean definitions and a plethora of Lean tools.


Culture Change

keeps the definition simple "improve profit through elimination of waste"

uses proven expertise to select the correct Lean toolkit for your business.

develops effective "leadership commitment" and "performance management"



“The majority of business improvement initiatives fail because people issues are not dealt with”


“Business improvement activities provide a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to develop culture. To purely focus on Process is a huge mistake.”


“Culture is said to manifest itself when nobody is looking”


"To establish and sustain a new behaviour, the subject must behave differently for 30 consecutive days. If this discipline is broken before the end of the 30 day period, the whole exercise needs to start again from day 1 of 30 to ensure behavioural change is effective."