Culture Change

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The Culture Change diagnostic is designed to identify

    • Business strengths & weaknesses
    • Process wastes & savings
    • Voice of the senior management team
    • Voice of the employees
    • Performance management issues
    • A culture change strategy that matches your business needs


A number of days are spent on site to analyse the business and hold in-depth discussions with the senior management team, working towards an end goal of developing a culture change strategy to improve your performance through people development. 


A report is generated at the end of the diagnostic detailing your organisation’s performance across five key principles 

    • Leadership
    • People
    • Customers
    • Processes
    • Supply

Has the Organisation understood and established the critical elements of excellent leadership?
Are Leaders role models of a culture of excellence and do they encourage sustainable business improvement?

Does the Organisation demonstrate commitment to achieving excellence in its people? 
Does it plan, manage, develop and release the full knowledge and potential of its people?

Has the Organisation established and met a set of reliable measures that demonstrate sustainable customer satisfaction?
Are Customer partnerships being developed?

Does the Organisation design, manage and improve its processes in order to deliver its business plan and satisfy its customers?

Has the Organisation developed its Supply Chain to a desirable level?
Have all risks related to Supply been minimised?



    • Written report of findings
    • Bespoke training needs analysis
    • List of recommended improvements and action plan
    • Senior management review + Strategy agreement



“The majority of business improvement initiatives fail because people issues are not dealt with”


“Business improvement activities provide a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to develop culture. To purely focus on Process is a huge mistake.”


“Culture is said to manifest itself when nobody is looking”


"To establish and sustain a new behaviour, the subject must behave differently for 30 consecutive days. If this discipline is broken before the end of the 30 day period, the whole exercise needs to start again from day 1 of 30 to ensure behavioural change is effective."