Culture Change

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Culture Change is a business improvement consultancy that delivers bottom line improvements by developing a Lean Culture throughout your business.


A Lean Culture is built on leadership & workforce that are

Creative………..                              but disciplined

Confident………                             but self-critical

Supportive……..                             but challenging

Accountable……                            but blame free

Empowered…….                             but managed

Structured……..                              but flexible


Culture Change’s objective is to deliver sustainable benefits in Quality, Cost and Delivery. This is achieved by conducting a business diagnostic, developing a culture change strategy and then providing training & consultancy to match the client’s needs.





“The majority of business improvement initiatives fail because people issues are not dealt with”


“Business improvement activities provide a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to develop culture. To purely focus on Process is a huge mistake.”


“Culture is said to manifest itself when nobody is looking”


"To establish and sustain a new behaviour, the subject must behave differently for 30 consecutive days. If this discipline is broken before the end of the 30 day period, the whole exercise needs to start again from day 1 of 30 to ensure behavioural change is effective."